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Active listening skills, how to improve

Active listening skills are true to heart

Active listening skills are important for a sugar baby. These skills are not only life skills but are useful in maintaining a SD relationship. Active listening is not just about hearing the words but it is about understanding the complete message. To become an active listener, practice makes perfect. We broke it down into 5 active listening skills that should be used. Paying attention, Show that you are listening, provide feedback, defer judgment and responding appropriately.

Paying attention

Paying attention may be obvious but actually doing it is hard. Especially for people with ADHD like myself. Too often I find myself drifting off into my head and thinking of things that are not even important. I used these tricks to stay focus on the speaker

body language in actiuve listening skills Show you are listening

Showing that you are listening, this all about using body language and gestures to give subtle cues that you are listening. We all give them without knowing we are doing it but it is still important to master them.

Provide feedback

Provide feedback, feedback gives the speaker verbal cues that you are not listening but you are engaged

Defer judgment

Defer judgment, judgement is important to help grow a person but there is a right time for everything.

Respond approproately

Respond appropriately, giving the right response to the right cue. This can be impossible if zoning out happens so find a point and have a response ready is important. Even if it is as simple as a yes or no.