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Age gap relationships, the ins and outs

Age gap relationships are becoming more common in this day of age. We think this has to do with a combination of social events. Women wanting mature worldly men that treat women like the princess that they are. Men who spent their time climbing mountains in the business world and are now looking to enjoy their success with someone. These are just a few reasons why this is becoming more prevalent now. Many researchers have done countless studies over the years to find out the ideal age gap, how to calculate the ideal age gap, the successfulness of a relationship with a considerable age gap and the ideal age gap for a fling.

Science behind age gap relationships Ideal age gap

Researchers from many universities across the states have found that the bigger the age gap the less likely the relationship will last. Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta did a study of 3,000 participants, it very clearly showed that the wider the age gap there is a greater chance of separation. They found a multitude of reasons why. The main reasons being social acceptability, difference in life goals, maturity level and interests. The data showed that couples with a 5-year gap have an 18% chance of splitting. The chance of separation increases with the age gap, couples that have a 10-year age gap will have a 39% chance of splitting. When dating someone with a 20-year gap, you may want to reconsider the relationship since there is a 95% chance of separation. This has also been confirmed by researchers at CU Boulder.

The researchers have found that a 2-year gap is the most ideal in a long-term relationship. This makes a lot of sense since relationships with a small age gap usually are raised in a similar society and with similar mentalities, increasing the chance that they have more in common with each other.

How to calculate age gap relationships

This question has plagued mankind for decades. In 1901, the famous French writer (at the time) Max O’Rell came up with a formula for men to find the ideal age gap. Even though this formula has been proven wrong in the study above, this was the popular belief for over a century.

water kissing The formula

According to the formula, the ideal age is half the age plus 7. So, if we take the average age of a sugar daddy, 46 and divided it by 2 we would get 23 plus 7 will equal 30. This only applies to a traditional relationship and not the modern relationship. in the sugar bowl, no one takes this formula into account.

Successfulness of a couple with an age gap

Everything has a risk, but facing risk is the best option. A relationship needs more than a physical connection. There needs to be emotional ties that can overcome the shortcomings of a partner. There needs to be communication within the relationship that allows both sides to speak their peace. If there is a genuine connection, then the relationship has real potential to develop. Like in a sugar relationship, communication is key. Communicating needs and expectations makes a separation between a couple with a large age gap less likely.

The best age gap relationships What is a fling

This is quite different then the age gap relationships. Everyone in America has heard the term summer fling before. A fling is a more romantic “friends with benefits”. It does not always have “benefits”, it can be like a friend that knows more than most. They can be as brief as one night or be a month, it can potentially turn into a relationship. It all comes down to how the fling progresses and if feelings get attached, thus starting the conversation whether it should develop into something else.

Ideal age for a fling

Dutch social scientists did a study asking men and women what they considered the ideal age of a casual fling would be. The women said they would prefer a person of a similar age group. While the men preferred a person that was significantly younger. This study was backed up by another social experiment in Australia. This study analyzed 8,682 households over a 13-year period. The study focused on the satisfaction of couples with big and small age gap. The study proved that in the short term the couples with a large age gap were significantly happier than the smaller age gap relationships. But in the long term the couple with a smaller age gap were more successful.

These studies did not go into why men prefer younger partners so all we can do is speculate. From personal experience and talking with friends and colleagues, I gathered that men prefer someone that adds spice in their life. We want someone that will force us out of our comfort zone and try new things. Soo to answer the question the ideal age for a fling would be whatever floats your boat. Its about a person that spices up your life or adds something special without being too attached or clingy.

The kiss Conclusion

When it comes to social sciences the data will always have some inconsistences. The one thing you can always count on is the fact that everyone is different no matter how similar people can be. The ideal age and successfulness of an age gap relationship has many factors. What it boils down to though is preference. Sugar dating sites have a wide variety of people that can fit many people interests.