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Best sugar daddy can be hard to find, here is what you should look for

the best sugar daddy that helps Find the combination that equals the best sugar daddy for you

The best sugar daddies are completely dependent on the needs that you want to fill. Each sugar daddy has different motives when joining a sugar dating site. In general, there are 4 types of sugar daddies, the lover, the mentor, the friend and the sponsor. Within these types a sugar daddy could take on 2 of these roles for a sugar baby. For example, a sugar daddy that wants to be a mentor may also be willing to sponsor a sugar baby within her endeavour. So finding the best one for you is an individual question. I will break it down and explain the relationship for the common combinations.

The best sugar daddy is a friendThe lover and the friend, is it the best sugar daddy for you

This mix is pretty standard and the relationship is close to traditional dating then any other combo. You are emotionally and physically connecting while be treated similar to a girlfriend but not exactly. It is like friends with benefits with more emphasis on being friends. These relationships usually build off the foundation of either the friends or the lover. As you connecting with a person on a friend level sometimes the connection becomes strong and like most traditional relationship, connections evolve.

The mentor and the sponsor

The perfect combination for sugar babies that have an idea the education to use to get what they want achieve but just need the experience. This is more common than you can suspect, a sugar daddy that wants to prepare a person for the future and help them achieve a personal goal. This mix usually helps sugar babies with business ventures or getting their artwork noticed. These men are completely selfless and enjoy developing an idea with a person that is passionate about they do. They give experience, and the necessary funds to properly launch.

the best sugar daddy is there for you The friend and the sponsor

A friend with different kind of benefits. This is a proper gentleman that want someone that he can talk to. Many of these relationships start with a sugar daddy wanting to become a friend. As he learns more about your life and goals. He will then try to sponsor you if he cannot mentor you because he want to help you anyway he can.

The lover and the sponsor/mentor

The lover combined with either the sponsor or the mentor is very similar. Majority of instances, this type of relationships will start with the lover becoming interested in the activities of the sugar baby. He will then want to help the sugar baby get her passion of the ground. The only real difference is what the sugar daddy can offer. The sugar daddy will offer his skills, money or both to help her with her passion.