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Best sugar daddy sites, what sets us apart Pt 1

The Best Sugar Daddy Sites Intro

Determining the aspects of the best sugar daddy sites can be a difficult task because we are objectifying a subjective topic. But I’m not one to shy away from an difficult task. My goal of these segments is to show what’s set us apart from the other Sugar sites. I have done countless research on all sites and found 3 categories that sets mysugardaddy in a higher standard then the others. These categories are Innovation, Safety/Privacy and Community. To makes this clear and digestible for each category, they will be separated per category and posted once a week.


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Innovation is a major Factor; anybody can copy but only the best can innovate. Innovation is key in the best sugar daddy sites because it shows the company is consistently evolving to offer the best services for your money. Many sites now offer video chatting, but the question arises who came up with it first. Mysugardaddy did, by listening and working with our community. The second innovation is a credit back system. Money is not our sole focus we want our community healthy and supportive. We are in the testing phase that allows Sugar daddies and Sugar babies to get credits back if they unlock a conversation with a person and for some reason they dont respond. We don’t want members to feel cheated, so they will get their credits back in these situations. The third major innovation we’ve been offering is a direct line. I know for a fact that we are the only sugar dating site that offers a direct line to our CEO’s and department heads. Every time when someone calls us, it’s either the department heads and sometimes the CEO’s that answer the phone. No call center just us. Our CEO’s Philip and Thorsten are fluent in 5 languages collectivly. So, they are able speak and help a wide range of people.

When it comes to Innovation mysugardaddy is untouchable since our team, on all levels, is taking a hands on approach. The world is changing and its imperative to be moving the scale, instead of adjusting to it.