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Capsule wardrobe for men 2021

capsule wardrobe for men what to buy What is a capsule wardrobe for men

A capsule wardrobe for men is not a new concept but fashions change and wardrobes along with it. A capsule wardrobe is streamlining a wardrobe to minimize as much as possible while fitting your personal style. Each piece is picked intentionally, they all fit well each other. The base ideas behind a capsule wardrobe are to keep the wardrobe uncluttered, make it easier to get dressed in the morning and to feel confidante in what you are wearing. Depending on which seasons a state gets will change the dynamic wardrobe completely. For example, Southern California will not have to worry about big winter coats and snow boots.

The base of a capsule wardrobe for men

The base cloths in the wardrobe are the foundation. These are a few suggestions to considered when building the base. Of course, this is depending on style and job, but these are things to keep in mind. The colors should be neutral not like neon pink due to it being hard to match pink with other colors. The point of a capsule wardrobe for men is to be simple and matches with everything.

Each piece has a purpose here and is meant to be able to combine in many ways to fit the style. We did not go over the coats and accessories as I see them as dependent on the season.

Spring fashion  Spring

Spring is around the corner, so preparing for that first is important. This season usually brings scattered showers and sunny days, making rain gear a stable for the wardrobe.


To start having a good pair of rain boots is essential. There are many brands and designs that one can choose from. Duck boots are a classic and men’s hunting boots are a more modern take that will keep your feet dry.


Like boots there are different styles to choose from. You can go for an Anorak, or parka each have their own benefits. Having the coat in a neutral color is important to fit the overall style. Have black is good but can be very dangerous when walking at night on a dark road. So, having a reflective panel or a brighter color for a coat could be a good idea.

Summer fashion  Summer

When dealing with the heat, you must dress light. The base cloths in the wardrobe are mainly for the summer as for the other season you can simply build on top of the summer wardrobe. Having shoes for the summer is a good idea. Having a light pair of shoes that can be slipped on would be great as it allows your feet to breath. Sandals can be a good idea but having a pair of boat shoes are always nice due to the breathable material. Shorts are also important to have in the summer if you are in a desert. Cargo shorts generally have some negative press, so some khaki shorts are always good or a nice pair of basketball short to allow things to breath.

capsule wardrobe fo rmen in the autumn Autumn

Autumn is most known for its sweater weather. So, the crew neck sweater and wool plaid short comes into play. Not only is it the warm but it tends to fit the season quite well. As the autumn continues it tends to get a little colder, so some warm shoes and jacket is needed.

Outer wear

You can use the outer wear from the spring but those mainly meant to stop rain and let you body breath so it will not be good at keeping in heat. A bomber jacket or a wool coat would be perfect as it not only keeps in heat but can also be used in the winter.


Warm shoes are important and can used in the winter also. A pair of lace up shoes are perfect for this. It can not only hold heat and look good but is water resistant.  A wool coat is also good to have as it will allow you to wear your suit with a coat that will completement.

capsule wardrobe for men winter edtion  Winter

Winter is pretty much covered by autumn and spring. This shows that this wardrobe can cover many seasons with taking up minimal space. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with having a themed sweater for Christmas, but you cannot get to many or else the whole idea goes out the window.

accessories for men  Capsule wardrobe for me accessories

What is a wardrobe without accessories? Accessories can be everything from a belt to a hat. The main accessories one should focus on are

Each of these should reflect your style, so there is not a single brand you should buy. You may question the use of some these like a watch or sunglasses. These accessories are supposed to be the icing on the cake. They tie the whole look together which can make them even more important. Some say watches are dead but these people could not be more wrong. A watch is the time piece that gives a outfit or suit the flair it needs to stand out. If you are no a traditional person then getting a galaxy watch could be wrist piece for you. Still functional and adds the vibe needed to stand out.

Who needs a capsule wardrobe for men

A capsule wardrobe for men is meant to the modern man, that still needs to look good but his time is precious. You could be a traveler, business man, sugar daddy, or a minimalist. They all need a wardrobe that fits and make them stand out in a crowd.