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Comfort Zone – Start having a more exciting life!

What is a comfort zone?

From our point of view, the purpose of life is: To live new experiences and enjoy it to the fullest! For this reason, we have to find these opportunities that help us to live as we should, right? However, there are several people who are trapped in their comfort zone. A place that condemns us to a monotonous routine, to the boring and planned. Therefore, it prevents us from being able to experience new things, having proper fun and from feeling our emotions.

If you find yourself in this situation and need help to escape from your comfort zone, then we can help you break the chains. Simply continue with this blog, as we will present you with all the information you should know. In this way, you will not only manage to get out of your comfort zone, but you will also be able to redefine the way you live. Another great resource is this article from forbes that gives a step by step plan to help break these chains.

just a quick intro A brief introduction to the topic

First of all, we should ask ourselves the following question: What is a comfort zone and how can it be defined?

The common definition in psychology is, it is a state of mind in which a person is free from any kind of anxiety. That is, he does not receive any stimulus, either external or internal, to feel threatened or in danger. Neither does he/she feel the need to run any kind of risk while being sheltered in his/her comfort zone.


While this may sound soothing, it is not necessarily so. In fact, it is recommended only for those who have difficulty managing stressful or disorienting situations. Everyone else should not establish or cultivate this comfort zone. On the contrary, the best thing they can do is simply avoid anything related to a comfort zone.


It may be hard to understand, but, as you will soon see, it is more than obvious. So, here’s why!

Why you need to avaid your comfort zone Why should you avoid the comfort zone?

As we said before, although it seems to be a good thing, it is not for everyone. True, it helps to deal with stress, because it decreases anxiety and the feeling of making mistakes. However, in this zone of confidence and security, life is limited in many areas.


In fact, the comfort zone can even be dangerous for a very simple reason. Life becomes routine, premeditated and monotonous. There is no initiative or motivation to push for greater things. There are no ambitions, desires or aspirations. Everything is kept simplified unless necessary.


Now, is such a life worth living? Of course not! It’s just a waste of time, don’t you think? That being the case, it’s important to know how to get out of the comfort zone, which we will guide you out of it.


Comfort zone – Efficient tips to break the bubble!

Making new experiences  Planning new activities

This best start to take and the first step forward to get out of your comfort zone. To do this, it would be worth making a list of new activities that sound appealing and exciting. Travel is usually the first thing that most think of. As someone that has personally traveled to places without a plan, it is extremely freeing and a little stressful. A little stress is good though, it makes the highs of traveling more extreme. So, make new experiences and don’t let fear or anxiety be the deciding factor in your decision making skills.

By the way, it is not about doing all activities on a given day. On the contrary, it is better to take baby steps and plan things in the long term. This way, you will not only have more to do, but it will also build a habit of doing new things.

Always think positively

Fear can take hold of any person, doesn’t matter how/where you were raised. This is the main cause why they don’t dare to live new experiences. This being so, it is essential to be optimistic. You do not always need to be positive, this is just not practical. But to at least attempt have hope on your side when making decisions.

For example, imagine that you see an interesting woman or man, but you don’t dare to start a conversation. Although, if we think about it, there is no reason not to dare, is there? What will they say, no? Well, apparently there is a reason that makes us hesitate. It is related to our way of seeing things, because we have become accustomed to expect the worst. So, instead of doubting yourself, be optimistic and imagine how amazing it would be if it comes true.

Finally, here is some exclusive advice for you.

Having a partner to guide you out of your comfort zone Find a partner for support

This is certainly the most enjoyable way to face new experiences. A relationship can not only bring out your emotional side, but also make you take more risks. Someone will be able to know how to push you to try new things without sending you off an emotional cliff. You will have someone to make memories with and strengthening your bond with the person and self-confidence. Besides, it is always better and easier to do things in company, isn’t it? Therefore, the best solution is to find a partner to face those moments together.

Just imagine how great it would be to live these new experiences with your soul mate. One thing is for sure, it will be much more relaxed and the anxiety will disappear faster.

Our final tip: Have you ever thought about Sugar Dating? It is a type of relationship that is built around always enjoy life to the fullest and the exclusive experiences that come with it. It is a great way to flip your routine and expereince things from a different perspective that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

In conclusion…

Getting out of the comfort zone can be very difficult for some people, but with these tips, it should be more than easy for you. That being the case, get ready to feel your life change for the better.