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Elegance tip: 5 tips to be more elegant

Seduction is an art that very few people master. These tips can help you cultivate your elegance and will give you more confidence during exclusive moments with your Sugar Daddy. Whether it’s a first Sugar Date or just a romantic picnic, assert your charm and femininity through your elegance. Need some elegance tip? Here are 5 of them!


Elegance tip, the 3 dos  Elegance Tip #1: Dress Appropriately


Being elegant doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a dress and pumps. It’s about more than that. To dress elegantly, you must first ask yourself the right questions. This also goes for your first Sugar Date as well as a video call to get to know each other. It’s important to know how to take advantage of your surroundings to make yourself stand out.


Inform yourself about the meeting place


On a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby date, adapting to the location of the Sugar Date will make it a more unique experience. This means dressing and acting accordingly. For example, a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant will, of course, mean a fancy dress and the right makeup. It will also mean a particular attitude to adopt. Without distorting your personality, a Sugar Baby will need to be able to adapt to new environments that she is not used to. Be discreet, distinguished, and blend in. By staying within the social norms of the surroundings, show your Sugar Daddy your personality and your qualities. He will be delighted to spend the evening with someone who can adapt to all situations, without forgetting who they are.


Tame your body type


Being elegant also depends on yourself, and you need to know your body. This can’t really be taught but rather comes with time and experience. However, there are a few tips on how to know what style of clothing suits you best. Without going against your taste of course. The first tip to find your style is to question your habits. Are you used to wearing a certain type of clothing? Don’t hesitate to change it and ask your friends, family, and the salesmen in the clothing stores for their opinion. Then, diversify your brands and learn about new fashions that you might like.


Being stylish is about being discreet, confident and looking the part. When a Sugar Baby is confident in her style, it shows, and that’s what makes the Sugar Daddys fall in love!


asking your partner, elegance tip #2: Probe your date or partner


Adaptability is a key for a Sugar Baby. Being stylish depends on who you’re with, and what they find stylish about you. To win over your Sugar Daddy on the first date, ask him in advance what style of dress he might prefer in a woman, or what quality he prefers to see highlighted. However, it is advisable to keep the final outfit a secret, so that you can surprise your Sugar Daddy on the big night. Finally, if you feel that your Sugar Daddy might appreciate it, you can also choose to make the pleasure last by dressing soberly, to focus the male attention on your personality. But this kind of attitude is obviously not suitable for all Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby relationships, which is why it’s important to communicate to understand your partner’s expectations.


taking care of yourself, elegance tip   #3: Take care of yourself


Generally speaking, elegance is directly related to beauty and presence. That’s why it is important to take care of your body. The first step is cosmetics, creams and balms that protect and hydrate your skin and hair. Then regular physical activity that helps you to remove any toxins, but also the stress. Sports will also make you both calmer and more energetic. Finally, eating habits are something to keep an eye on because the temptations of snacking and fast food are always there. These three pillars of well-being are to be exercised according to each person’s morphology and needs, and can also be complemented by other activities and habits (yoga, meditation, cooking, reducing screen time).

 #4: the 3 essentials


The dress, best elegance tip


It can be the centerpiece of your outfit, accompanying your jacket or highlight your accessories with its simplicity. Whether it’s airy or body-hugging, every Sugar Baby has a favorite dress. An exceptional garment, the dress brings you even closer to the princess you dream of being.


The elegance of the pants, a tip to measure


A picnic, a walk in town? If you’re looking for a combination of comfort, elegance and practicality, choose pants. The fabric and the cut are decisive and must be chosen with care. It goes without saying that jeans with holes are not suitable for a Sugar Date. Our favorite for a dressy and practical outfit is these off-white pegged pants with a red satin blouse.

elegnace tip for fashion

Jewelry, a subtle accessory


A discreet necklace or earrings are not often accessories that men notice first in a woman. They are however subconscious, because they assert femininity and complete your outfit. Your Sugar Daddy will fall under your spell, probably without even knowing why.


The 3 donts in in elegance tip s  #5: the 3 faux-pas


Worst style tip: sneakers


Not all sneakers are a faux-pas for a Sugar Date outfit, but they can become one very easily. Generally speaking, sneakers are not recommended for any formal outfit, except for occasions like a rally or a garden party. In these cases, we recommend well-maintained or relatively new sneakers.


Don’t forget to iron your clothes


Ironing your clothes is a big part of being stylish, and not just for Sugar Daddys! It may seem trivial to mention ironing, but since it’s often not a common part of everyday life anymore, it’s best to add it to your checklist for preparing for your Sugar Date.


Last elegance tip: beware of black and horizontal stripes


It is well known that this color and this pattern do not suit everyone. Black is a symbol of elegance, but it hardens the features and generally makes the wearer look more serious. Horizontal stripes tend to widen and compress the figure, while vertical stripes will make you look much more attractive.


All Sugar Babys deserve to be treated like princesses by their Sugar Daddys. So show them that you have the charisma and presence of a queen.