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Once a sugar baby gets used to being in the sugar bowl, they may want to try dating multiple sugar daddies. Here are some Elite sugar daddy dating tips that can be used to land multiple sugar daddies. There is nothing wrong with dating multiple sugar daddies, as most sugar daddies are not monogamous. In the sugar bowl, people can date multiple people. This is a topic to bring up with a sugar daddy when discussing terms to make sure everybody is on the same page.

elite sugar daddy dating, dating at dinner Discussing terms with sugar daddies

This discussion is usually best to have in person, over a coffee in a public place. If you are not a monogamous person and do not want to be tied down in a relationship. It is best to talk about this when discussing terms in the relationships. It is nothing to be ashamed of to bring this up. A big part of sugar dating is creating terms of the relationship before it begins.

How to bring this up to other potential sugar daddies

Some sugar daddies can be monogamous, they even have them on their profiles. This is not always set stone, and many sugar daddies are quite open to polyamorous relationships. It is still something to bring up in the discussion of terms.

 How to manage a schedule when elite sugar daddy dating using the calendar

Scheduling the multiple sugar daddies can very time consuming. Especially dependent on the type of sugar daddies you land. You could have a mentor type sugar daddy and that wants to meet 4 times a month and another that is the friend that takes you around the world for well deserved vacations. This can be very hard to coordinate between the 2 because you promised your time to both of them and need to give them the attention to both of them. Many sugar babies that we talk to about this said they use the calendar app in their phone to keep their schedule in order.