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Erotic games, adding the spice


Variety is the spice of life, so to ensure keeping a relationship fresh it is best to keep this mind. This can include going to different restaurants of different origins, trying new experiences like skydiving, or adding some erotic games to the relationship. Erotic games can spice up the bedroom to new heights. Here we will go over a few games that can be implemented, few conservative and a few little wilder. This post, by no means, is meant to imply that a sugar relationship is based around sex. A sugar relationship is a normal relationship, but the sugar daddy just takes care of the sugar baby.

Sex in the dark Sex in the dark, the calmest of the erotic games

This is the most conservative of all the Erotic games if you even want to call it a game. For many people visuals are always needed, hence why the porn industry is generally stable compared to others. By removing the visual that the majority people became reliant on, it will force people to use the other senses. Many studies have been done to prove that when one sense is hindered others tend to be heightened.

Sexy dice

This is most likely the simplest and cheapest game. All you need is the dice, which can be bought on amazon for a couple bucks. To give some explanation, there are 2 dice. Each die has a role, one being an action (rub, massage, etc) and the other has body parts (arm, leg, etc). You simply roll the dice and follow the instructions given.

Erotic games that bring the spice Body painting

Many people might not consider this a game, but I think differently. This is a game, more so if paired with roleplaying, because it can involve painting a person in a way that will amplify a person features. You do not have to be a Picasso to do this by any means. It supposed to bring color and a different spice that cannot really be found any other way.

Erotic games with the role play Role playing, the wildest of the erotic games

This is a very broad topic, but the idea is the same across the board. Role playing can be very spicy so to say. I say can because it depends how much commitment one gives. If both people are fully committed to the roles, this can be the most exciting and wild experience. At the end of the day, you get what you put in.