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Finding sugar daddy, a 5 minute tutorial

finding sugar daddy, dancing in the sun

Finding sugar daddy can be a hard, we broke down the top 2 aspects that attract a sugar daddy. Flirt text optimization and profile pictures. These are the aspects that we will be focusing on to ensure that you can find and date a sugar daddy that fits your needs.

Finding sugar daddy, why jump through these hoops

These may seem like hoops that you have to jump through to get to the sugar daddies but it is more like optimizing your profile to ensure you attract the serious sugar daddies. Each of these “hoops” are essential to maximize your chances for finding sugar daddy.

finding sugar daddy, what to do and how to do it  Flirt text optimization

Flirt text optimization is a fancy way to say “perfecting the flirt text to your interest.” There are words that should be left out and ideas that should be expanded on. This can take a couple minutes to perfect your flirt text but it is imperative for attracting the proper sugar daddies. A flirt text should be about 200 – 300 words. 300 words being the absolute max amount to write. This is quite restricting but people will not want to read life stories while trying to find a sugar baby.

Finding sugar daddy, what to take out

In the flirt text taking out any “chit chat” is extremely important. By chit chat, I mean sentences and phrases that do not really help anyone. Saying you do not what to write in the flirt text is honest but just wastes peoples time. They can tell from the first 3 sentences if you do not what you are doing, no point in telling them. Expressing on the important information is key and leaving the rest be discovered in the relationship. Gotta have a little mystery in the mix to add excitement. Lastly, do not put any information that someone can find on your profile. Your age and activities are already on the profile so there is no need to reiterate this information.

finding sugar daddy, how to make a profile pic What to keep

The main thing should that should be kept in what you are looking for. Each sugar daddy has their own interests so making it clear what you want out the relationship is important. Do you want to travel the world with a friend, looking for a mentor, want a traditional relationship or just a one night stand. This is all information that should be in the first sentences. These gentleman are busy and cannot spend time trying decipher what you want out of the relationship. Lastly, use emojis sparingly, they attract the attention of people and can help explain a point you want to make. Keeping that in mind, do not over use the emojis. It will take away from the information you want to be read and can muddle the text to the point where it is unreadable.

Finding sugar daddy, profile pictures

The profile picture is the first thing that catches the attention of a sugar daddy. So finding the perfect picture that also fit the terms and conditions on the site is key.

Finding sugar daddy, what not to post

Do not post naked pictures, drugs or guns. These are not only against the terms and condition but will attract the wrong the kind of sugar daddy. From my research, this really only attracts Splenda daddies, sugar daddy with a very low budget and does not want a relationship. Avoid posting group photos, not only is it against the terms and conditions but making the sugar daddy play where waldo will immediately turn them away.

finding sugar daddy, sun bathing  What photos are best

There are 2 types of photos that your profile should have. The first should be a photo of face, this should be your avatar photo so that everyone can see what you look like. Add some personal flair to the picture and let your personality be shown with you hat and environment that you are in. the second photo should be a full body shot. You should show your full beauty. A photo of you doing an activity for this shot would be best. For example sun bathing in your bikini is an excellent idea. For this photo, there is nothing wrong with having revealing photos but you still want to maintain classiness while doing it.

finding sugar daddy, happy hunting  Finding sugar daddy, happy hunting!

These are 2 aspects that should be considered when optimizing your profile. Many of sugar make these mistakes then wonder why they are not succeeding in the sugar bowl. Of you take these to heart and put in genuine effort when finding sugar daddy, you find multiple sugar daddies that will treat like the queen you are.