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How do men flirt in 2021

how do men flirt in the past  The history of how do men flirt

Majority of animals have a mating ritual, humans are no different. When the times change so does the ritual. How do men flirt in the past, the man would have to ask permission from the father before he take a lady out. If she was a teenager she it was common practice to have a chaperone. Once a lady was in her 20s she would have more freedom, but was often recommend to not stay out past 10-1030. If a single person was looking for the date they would have to put out a classified in a newspapers. This was popular that it was common practice to have a singles sections in the papers.

 How do men flirt today

Times have changed significantly now, ladies have way more freedoms that they fought hard for. Since ladies finally have the freedom to make their own decisions, men had to change the way they flirted. There are 3 main aspects that men consider flirting and use to attract the attention of a partner. Banter, connecting offline, connecting online.

Banter at a bar Banter

What is banter? It is teasing someone but in a good humored way. Obviously this leaves room interpretation, as a man myself too many times I have said something and quickly realized that what I said could be taken as offensive. Generally the older the man the better at banter they are, as they had previous experience that allows them to realize beforehand what is acceptable. This can be “fake” arguing over something or both parties talking about a crazy subject as if it is a normal everyday occurrence.

connecting online  Connecting online

We live in the time of the internet which means following someone on Instagram or snapchat attracts a person attention. Liking a person posts and seeing what they are up to can look kind of stalkerish but it is normal in todays age. Snapchats even have streaks and shows a person the compatibility between people.

connecting oflline like a date Connecting offline

This can also be dating, but not everything is a date today. Personally, I would not consider inviting a person out to the bars/clubs with friends as a date. I see it more as just spending time with people and getting a better idea on how the person is in real life. This can also be dating but that is not always flirting as the man or woman has already attracted the attention of the other and it more about finding connections to see if a relationship would work.

Everyone is different

This world is filled with individuals making quantifying this social construct very hard. Each man have their own ways to attract and keep the attention of lady. This why we had to discuss this in broad strokes.