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How to become a sugar baby, the sugar baby cheat sheet

How to become a sugar baby, Intro

How to become a sugar baby is easy and simple. This is a cheat sheet that we complied from numerous hours of research to ensure success as a sugar baby. Through our research we found that success can be broken down into 4 categories: profile, first contact, coffee date and real date. We go into detail about what has worked in the past for successful sugar babies. Due keep in mind that nothing is more attractive than a lady that knows what they want and who they are, personalizing is key when it comes to finding the perfect sugar daddy.

lets begin how to become a sugar baby How to become a sugar baby, the Profile


When creating a profile, the pictures and the bio should be the first focus. First the pictures, there should be multiple pictures on the profile featuring your beauty and passions. For the best results, it is imperative that these photos are taken by someone else in a well-lit environment. The photos should not be photoshopped or have any emojis on them. The goal is to show your raw beauty. The next photo should be a full figure shot; this is an opportunity to show your personality. Having an action shot like being outside or showing your hobbies can be beneficial. Do not have friends in the photo because having the sugar daddy play where is waldo will only be distracting. The more the better, this is the way to approach the photos so it can help give context of who you are.


Second is the bio, putting your personality on paper. This is as critical as the photos. The bio should give the energy that you want so writing passionatly and honestly will give you an edge. Avoid a wall of text, for these gentlemen time is money, and a wall of text will not be worth their time. So being light and fun is imperative to attract sugar daddies to read further. The modern gentleman is a sensitive man, so passing judgment in the profile can make any potential sugar daddies move to the next. Be casual but feminine, sugar daddies want someone to take care of but do not want someone that is too clingy since they are usually working often or running a business. When making a bio, grammar is imperative. Good grammar shows your intelligence and passion towards taking a sugar relationship seriously. The profile and its picture are the foundation that starts a conversation.

First contact

First contact, how to become a sugar baby can be initiated by either the sugar daddy or the sugar baby. The sugar daddy can unlock a sugar baby, or the sugar baby can request to be unlocked. If requested, this will send an email to the sugar daddy that let him know that you want him to check out your profile. Once unlocked, start getting to know each other, bring up things on their profile and find traction. If all goes well, have a video call. The video call is where a conversation about boundaries should be discussed and allowances should be touched on without going too in depth, that is for the coffee date. The call should mainly be about how you would fit their schedule and building more traction.

coffee date how to become a sugar babyCoffee date

The coffee date is by no means the first real date, its more of a getting know each other needs better. This is the time to bring up allowances and what a normal date will entail. It is supposed to be more a vibe check to see if the chemistry is there. Do not expect money and do not give anything in return as it is about getting a feel for what works best. Use this time to find further common ground and build even more traction. Figure out his needs/wants and if they align with your boundaries. Spark curiosity, have him see himself in sugar relationship with you. If you feel safe and enjoy his company then schedule and plan the real date. This interaction should have no pressure as it is to see if you are both on the same page.

The reak date how to become a sugar baby The real date

When it comes to how to become a sugar baby, the real date is the proper start of the relationship. When attending there should be a mindset of safety and comfortability when attending. The sugar daddy should feel the same. A restaurant is often the place where most first dates happen, as a meal is a way to connect. Being yourself is the best advice one can have when on a date because the more time spent together the more you see the true person. Have an end time set in stone. This is for safety and in respect to making both parties have a little mystery in the relationship.

How to become a sugar baby Conclusion

This cheat sheet is a way to enter the world of a sugar baby. These 4 points will show you not only how to become a sugar baby but how to succeed as one. All research was done via articles and videos of first hand accounts. For more specific information I would recommend using YouTube videos of sugar babies’ experiences that can go deeper into detail.