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How to win a guy back? 7 proven ways

 How to win a guy back? 7 proven ways

Wondering how to win a guy back? This question is probably asked by most women who feel that their relationship ended at the wrong time or in the wrong way. We have 7 proven ways for you that will help you repair your relationship. If you think the man you lost might be the one, don’t hesitate! Use our tips, find out how to get a guy back and be happy again.


How to win back the guy you love: first realize if it’s definitely love and not habit or fear of being single. Give him a break from you, don’t text, don’t call, don’t show up at his favorite places. Don’t arouse jealousy in him because if offended he will leave forever. Repairing the relationship and regaining your partner’s consideration is not the easiest thing to do, but fortunately there are some ways to do it. If you still love your ex, don’t give up! Sometimes a temporary breakup revives the relationship, allows you to gain distance from yourself and your partner, and assess whether it is time for serious declarations and a mature relationship. Nowadays women are increasingly taking the initiative to fight for their happiness and love. You can too! Find out how to win your boyfriend back and fight!

win a guy back when you meet and greet How to win a guy back – proven ways:

 1.Give him time

It’s important for you to be able to think things through and miss each other. It’s better to come off as a cool and distant woman than to make yourself look desperate. Allow a guy a break before you make your first attempts at contact. So before you take the first step towards getting back together with your ex, you should give each of you a break. Cool down and wait – ideally about three weeks to allow him to miss you and realize what he has lost. This period will also allow you to decide if you really want to go back to him, or if your desire was motivated solely by fear of change. Such a break will do you both good, as you will both cool down and gain distance.

Instagram research, win a guy 2.How to win a guy back- research the ground


The next step you should take is to find out if your ex is even considering the option of coming back and if he is still interested in you. Talk to mutual friends to inquire about what your ex is thinking. If you hear words like: “you better get over him” or “find someone new”, it could be a sign that he is already making a life arrangement with another woman or he clearly has no intention of coming back to you and has already let everyone know. You can also check his social media channels to see how he is doing. But do it discreetly, do not be pushy or nosy.

taking care of yoursel, win a guy back 3.Take care of yourself


Color your roots, change your hairstyle, take care of your complexion, put on bolder makeup, wear a new dress that you have been putting off for a special occasion. If you present yourself to him as a total mess after a breakup, the chances of him wanting to come back are slim to none. Guys are visual! Dazzle him with your beauty and your smile, for example by adding photos to your social media channels. Let him see that you’re still stunning. If, in the meantime, you have a professional success story – all the better! Share it on social media, keeping in mind the image you want to promote.

Meeting the man when you win him back  4.How to win a guy back – meeting


A chance meeting is the perfect opportunity to show him up again. You can use your friends and find out where he is going, or visit his favorite places, for example, the gym or a coffee shop. Sooner or later you will run into each other. Chat him up or wait for him to make a move. When you are ready to meet him again, you can, for example, go to a party where he will also be. This is a chance to show off your new side, so only go to a party when you’re in a good mood. Have fun, dance and flirt!

If partying together isn’t an option, you can invite him out as “friends”. Be smart! Say that you won two tickets to a concert or a movie.


Asking for help, win a guy back 5.Ask for help

It always works! All men like to feel needed. This will valorize him and allow him to prove himself. You can use even a small excuse here, maybe he will reconnect with you. Maybe you just happen to need to transport something? Maybe something is broken in your apartment? Remember to be nice, charming and, of course, grateful while using his help. Let him feel appreciated – this nice feeling makes us not want to give up the relationship with the person who appreciates us.

 6.Plan in your mind what you will say to him

Think carefully about the return, don’t give him false hopes. Small steps are better than one big one. Gradually win him back. Taking advantage of his help gives you a chance to return the favor, so use your knowledge about him and propose something he likes. It’s important that this is a situation that allows for more open conversation. Maybe a picnic out of town? Maybe dinner at your apartment? Be prepared for what you would like to say to him, but remain calm until the end.

 7.Couples therapy

If you and your ex-partner love each other, but for some reason you find it difficult to be together, and your conversations only result in arguments, you may want to seek the advice of a professional. The help of a psychologist can save your relationship. If it is lov