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Is anti valentine’s day a hallmark holiday

slap day of anti valentine's day Is anti- valentine’s day a hallmark holiday

Hallmark holidays have been taking over, hence the reason why we so many holidays. For those that do not know, a hallmark holiday is a holiday that is meant to sell products. This term was created when Hallmark, the holiday card company, started to create holidays out of thin air. Some of these holidays are mother’s day, father’s day and valentine’s day. Valentine’s day history was not really a thing until hallmark took it over. They make these holidays out of thin air to sell more holiday cards to profit. There is now a new holiday, anti-valentine’s day.

What is anti-valentine’s day

Anti-valentine’s day is a day for celebrating hatred and break up, it is also not a one day holiday it is a week long holiday. From the research that I have done it started around 2000-2001, though I could not find a hard date when it started. The holiday is broken up into 7 days: slap day, kick day, perfume day, flirting day, confession day, missing day, break up day. Each day has a specific purpose that is essentially a day. The Koreans have a similar day called black day. Black day is the day after valentine’s day and is supposed to be for the single people to celebrate being single by dressing in all black and eating black noodles.

Anti valentine's day is it real Why this is a hallmark holiday

This is 100% a hallmark holiday, it can not be more obvious. For industries that make their money from holidays the only real way to grow is to create holiday’s. Hallmark was the first real industry leader that was successful in doing this. They created a day for each family member and people loved it. This is the perfect hallmark holiday because it is not just a holiday it is a holiweek. Each day has a specific “task” that builds on the next, making it easier to sell certain cards and products for the corresponding day. This is by no means meant to be taken as we should not celebrate it, it is just meant to inform people where the holiday came from. At the end of the day, you should enjoy the holidays that you want however you to celebrate them.