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Mutually beneficial relationships, 6 main aspects

It is never what it seems, mutually beneficial relationships  Mutually beneficial relationships, It may not be what you think.

For some reason, when people hear about mutually beneficial relationships many immediately think about a business deal or a therapy. Relationships are inherently mutually beneficial. There are some exceptions to this but vast majority of the time all parties gain something. Be it companionship, money, experiences or an ear to talk to. A Sugar Daddy relationship is just a normal relationship, the only difference is one side (Sugar Baby) has more tangible benefits and the other side Sugar Daddy) has more emotional benefits. That is the essences of a sugar daddy relationships if I had to break it down in one sentence. To get more specific, there are 5 aspects that define a sugar relationship or a mutually beneficial relationship. The 5 aspects are lifestyle sharing, no strings attached, financial for emotional benefits, it is drama free and finally the freedom that no other relationship have.

The 6 aspects

There are more aspects to consider in mutually benefical relationships, but these are the top 5. I have compiled these from hours of research by talking to sugar daddies and sugar babies and seeing testimonals on the internet. Some people may not agree/experience these in the sugar bowl but everyone is different and everyones experiences things differentially. This is just a fact of life.

life style sharing mutually beneficial relationshipsMutually benefical relationships is Lifestyle sharing

This is one the most popular reasons why people start a mutually beneficial relationship. A lot of people like to experience the things that were traditionally hard or next to impossible to experience. But with the rise of sugar dating many people are not able to get a taste of what it is like to fly first class tropical resort or go shopping in Paris. This isn’t just a one way street, even the wealthy want to see and experience what it is like for other parts of society. This may seem crazy but it is truth, one could say this is like taking vacation into other lifestyles to truly see how the other half lives.

Lifestyle sharing isn’t just meant for bored people to try get a vacation experience that they cant find anywhere else. It can be used for people that are disconnected from the different lifestyles that want insight. They expand their views by talking to people that they normally would not associate with. The best way to grow is to get out of your comfort zone and talk to people that you would not normally talk with.


no strings, mutually beneficial relationships  No strings attached

Let’s be honest, many people see this as a negative when talking about a relationships and for some, they may be right. But not all relationships are the same. When it comes to a relationship based on lifestyle sharing sometimes things can get, for lack of a better word, boring. There is noting wrong with having this feeling. As stated above, lifestyle sharing meant to expand your views and feelings. Be it socially, politically, emotionally.

In a the raw form of a mutually beneficial relationships you can just say your think you have grown apart that is that. No need to ghost people and fear of running into them in public or be scared to end things. Both parties know what they were getting into, so ending it is completely painless.


the give and take  Financial benefits for emotional benefits

The exchange of money for emotional and social comfort is the transactional portion of this type of relationship. It may be the reason why many want to enter the sugar bowl but it is not the reason why people stay in it for long periods of time. The financial benefits are either pay per meet or an allowance base. The pay structure is completely up to the sugar daddy and his needs. Some sugar daddy only have time a few days a month so it does not make sense for them to pay someone a monthly allowance. But if they have more free time or have built a connection with the sugar baby then they usually do a monthly allowance.

You may ask yourself, what do they get in return? They get the social and emotional comfort that they just cannot find in their lives. These men have mostly focused their lives on their career, climbing the mountain of success if you will. When you are focusing on climbing ladders and achieving success, it is near impossible to have a proper social life. But when a person focuses on getting to the top you do not realize how lonely it is when they get to the top. That is where is the sugar baby comes in and gets to help the Sugar Daddy enjoy his success. Be it, going on extravagant vacations or places that they never realize were as fun as people said they would be.

Now, this seems to be the topic that everybody that wants to criticize this type of relationship focuses on. Yes, there is a transaction. No, this does not make the sugar baby an escort. If that is the case, then is George Clooney’s 14 friends that he gave $1 million each to escorts? Absolutely not, it a man that wants his friends, his people, to be able to experience his wealth and experiences with him without having to feel like they are leeching off him.


drama free relationships only has benefits  Drama–Free mutually beneficial relationships

Drama and Relationships go hand in hand. At least they used to, a mutually beneficial relationship is completely drama free. I know, I know, this sounds crazy at the surface but it really is not. These type of relationship always start with a little flirting to see if a connection is there. Then, if a connection if found they have a conversation of what they  both want, need, or really looking for. This is usually done over coffee at a café. This allows people to really see where each other are in their life’s and where they are trying to be later down the future.

Though this may seem weird to the masses, it gives the relationship a foundation that can be built off. Many relationships in today’s world do not have this type of foundation when they start. Without a proper foundation any relationship will go up in flames. Everyone has a personal plan or a lack of plan and this needs to be discuss. Before both people really, for lack of a better word, waste each other’s time.

Since these relationships are built on a solid foundations, the openness and honesty among the partners is quite remarkable. Having talked to a number of people in these relationships, they all (in one or another) that they are completely open about their past and what they need in life. This can only be due the fact that they have a honest conversation stated above.


The freedom mutually beneficial relationships  Freedom

True freedom is something that is completely dependent on the person perspective. A symbol of modern freedom is the US constitution. This document has been the bases for other countries to follow. The right to say what you want, be what you want and practice what religion want. Why can’t this freedom be applied to relationships. In mutually beneficial relationships, this essence is applied. Entering the type of relationship a person can choose whether they want to be able to date others, take the time try a new lifestyle, be untethered. In most relationships this is not the case, a partner always keeping tabs on you, wanting to know you are doing. This can be very suffocating, and can prevent you from growing as a person.


Wrapping it up

A mutually beneficial relationship is a lot more than people think. With jobs becoming more demanding and more distractions be created in this world, it is about time the idea of relationships be updated and upgraded. A person has a finite time on this earth. It is important to not only build a legacy for yourself but live the life you deserve without making major sacrifices. Here the relationship is built with this in mind, allowing people the freedom of ones self and the benefit of seeing another version of the world that they didn’t know existed.