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Online Privacy, What sets us apart Pt 2

Online Privacy Intro

The second post in this series of what sets us apart is online privacy & safety. We will go into detail why MySugardaddy is secure from scammers with the sensitve information that a member entrusts with us. Safety  & privacy are extremely important in this age of information. In this post, we will discuss the importance of these, how to personally keep yourself safe, and the privacy measures that MySugardaddy employs to maintain trust in our community.

Security online privacy Why it is important

Safety and privacy are requirements for a sugar site, if you don’t feel safe then why take the risk. Many sites offer protection and a human verification process, where a person personally verifies the profile. But where there is a will there is a way as a few scammers always slip through the cracks in all the sites. This is where innovation comes into play, finding new ways to stop this must and will happen.

We are constantly testing and taking action to remove any scammers from our community. Another is to take action to help those who got scammed since many sites do not bother to help the local police to bring these scammers to justice. We do take this personally and offer any information that is needed to do so.

Online privacy cash Safety

Being safe is extremely important and there are a few ways to achieve this. Firstly, we recommend to mainly contact verified members who have proven they are real to MySugardaddy. Details on how one can become verified follow in the next paragraph. Apart from that, personal banking information should be protected at all costs. Banking information is important to safeguard and the sugar baby should be provided allowances in person.

Moreover, suspicious activities should be reported as a proactive community is the best defense. If a profile is asking suspicious questions or they just do not feel right, please do not hesitate to report them to us. Our team will then give their profile a scrub to see if they are legitimate. If not, we will remove them immediately, their IPs will be banned from the site and thus, we prevent them from making a new account entirely. This also allows our admins to see the evolution of any scams so we can adjust our site to combat them.

Our last personal safety tips are to use our advance search options and to only choose members who have pictures on their profiles. Before we allow any photos to be uploaded on our site, we search the webs photo bank to guarantee verification. This makes it more diffcult for anyone with questionable intentions to invade our community.

Online privacy in person  Online privacy

Safety & privacy is a requirement for all sites but a dating site in particular. A scary thought to have is that many countries do not have the online privacy laws that are as in depth as Europe’s. The EU passed the GDPR, an act that gives power to the user whose data is at risk. If any company in the EU does not respect this, then they will face harsh penalties.

The GDPR was so successful that many countries are now following its lead. For example, Brazil’s LGPD and the CCPA in California. These are just a few examples that were inspired by the GDPR, which the EU constantly updates to meet the current climate. As a German based company, MySugardaddy follows and respects this bill that is put in place to protect you, the user. It is indeed an important factor since sugar dating sites are starting to ask for more proof of existence to avoid fraud.

Another safety measure employed by a multitude of social sites is a relevancy check. It is not a requirement for many sites (MySugardaddy included), but it gives people the option to establish themselves in community. In regards to MySugardaddy, we recommend all verified members to play our “dating game” which only allows these members to contact other verified members. To gain verification, it requires the member making a video saying and with a handwritten statement they are holding up. It also involves members to entrust us with a photo of their ID.

The last optional check we offer focuses on sugar daddies in particular. We offer the ability to verify your income as stated. This is necessary so sugar babies can trust your profile and it will also increase your success on our site. The check is simple, just upload an income statement. We will then use it to confirm your statements and make you an income verified member. Furthermore, this will motivate sugar babies to seek you out and hold your profile over others. Being verified in multiple ways has only benefits as it allows members to know without a doubt that you are who you say are and will be sought out in our community.


Safety & privacy is the utmost importance in a dating site. In order to be successful, one must have trust. At MySugardaddy we have and will always make this one of our main focuses. We would not be the number one sugar site in Europe and Latin America if this was not the case. These tips of safety in our community, if followed, will ensure safe and rapid success.

In turn, if anything happens in our community we are quick to adjust and solve any situations. If a member experiences fraud, we will assure a close cooperation with any police department. In addition to that, we will safeguard your personal data in accordance to the GDPR. We adhere and are bound by many restrictions to keep members and their data safe and secure at all times.