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Safe online dating: learn what matters

So you’ve been interested in online dating for a long time or you’ve just started and don’t know what to look out for? Online dating has become significantly more popular in the last few years and therefore there are more users. The reason being, it is much easier to write to strangers than to have to approach them and you have a larger selection of people that you actually find attractive. In addition, you know for a fact that the person is not opposed to a relationship or anything similar, so there is no fear of being rejected. All in all, online dating seems much more pleasant and easier than dating in real life. However, online dating can also be associated with certain dangers if you are not made aware of them. But we will inform you about them here and also explain what you should pay attention to for safe online dating.


So you in intrested in online dating, here is how to have a safe online dating expereince


Safe online dating: our tips

Find a safe platform for safe online dating


Look for a safe dating platform

We have all encountered fake profiles on dating sites. Usually, you can hardly believe your eyes when you find an extremely attractive person there, and often you can be disappointed pretty quickly: there are often fakes on nonserious sites, because the profiles of the users are not observed thoroughly enough. Therefore, it is not noticed when someone uses photos of another person there. This is annoying and unfortunately happens far too often, sometimes even on reputable sites.


So you must always be on guard against such profiles. So never go to the meet and greet with someone if the person cannot prove that he or she is who he or she claims to be on the Internet.

Have an online chat with each other to have a safe online dating experience


Our tip: You can easily check this with a video chat or something similar, as it is very difficult to fake it in this case.

MySugardaddy does not use fake profiles, nor are members paid for joining the community. At MySugardaddy, all profiles are checked according to strict guidelines to not allow profiles to join the platform if there is the slightest suspicion that it might be a fake. Thus, safe online dating at the highest level is made possible on the part of the platform. With the help of an internal reporting system, members can report other profiles if they suspect that a profile might be fake despite the strict control measures.

Always meet in public


Never meet on the first date at the person’s place or at your home

Before the first date, people often think about how the meeting might go. Especially in times of Corona, it is difficult to find a suitable place where you can be undisturbed and get to know each other in peace, as restaurants are closed due to lockdowns or it is difficult to reserve a table. But no matter how difficult it may be to arrange a meeting and no matter how much you already trust the person: never meet (at least at the first meeting) at the person’s place or at your home. After all, the character you like so much in the person may be completely faked, and the person may have completely different intentions. Once you are at the person’s home, it can be dangerous, especially if they live alone. Therefore, it is best to meet your date in public and stay around people for your own safety. If you are still unsure of yourself, that is not a problem. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable during the date and can enjoy it. Therefore, you can also ask a friend to easily stay in the background of your meeting and – if necessary – intervene.


Another option is to schedule an ’emergency call’ where your boyfriend/girlfriend calls at an arranged time (for example, an hour after the date) and says something happened and she needs you urgently. This way you can easily escape awkward dates, and you have an easy and believable excuse why you have to go. Some people can’t stand it when you turn them down. That’s why you should always be careful and think about your wording.

Keep some thngs a secret

Do not reveal too much about yourself

Tell the person you want to talk as little as possible about your private life before your date. You can catch up later, when you know each other better. But what you have said once, you can no longer take back. In addition, a somewhat mysterious nature is quite attractive. So you make your date incidentally desire to get to know you at another meeting closer.

Only reveal as much of yourself as you want and remember: You are not obligated to do anything. Keep private things, especially addresses, etc. to yourself for the time being. So go home alone after your first date, no matter how well you got along. After all, for first dates it’s still easy to pretend, and if your date turns out not to be a long-term partner, you can avoid any issues that way. If you’re uncomfortable going home alone late, just ask a friend. You are sure to find someone to walk you home.

Let your friends know where you will be


Safe online dating: tell friends about (possible) dates

So that – in case of an emergency – someone can help you and knows where and with whom you are, you should keep them up-to-date about your dating life. This would help the police or your family, for example, if you are not available or cannot be found for a certain time. This way you will be safer on the road and your friends will know about everything!

Listen to your friends to stay safe online dating


Take your own warning signals and those of your friends seriously

When dating online, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, take warning signals seriously, no matter from whom. For example, if one of your friends finds the person you’re texting strange or suspicious, take it to heart instead of feeling attacked. The people who are close to you and who care about you mean well. Of course, it is up to you to decide to what extent you will take a comment from a friend into account in your online dating. Because here your own feelings are in the foreground. In addition, you should pay attention to your own warning signals, because as soon as you do not feel comfortable with a person, you should be very careful.

As we know, your own gut feeling is rarely wrong. Even if you worry ‘unnecessarily’, it’s better than meeting someone carefree and regretting it afterwards.

Finally, we would like to give you one more thing: the safety tips are precautionary measures that should help you with online dating. We are not trying to scare you, just want to give food for thought . After all, the reason why you sign up for an online dating platform is that you want to meet a partner. You want to gain new experiences and find a person who suits you. This is solid reason to look forward to the first or next date!

We wish you a pleasant – and above all safe – online dating experience!