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Sexy but not vulgar: What Sugar Daddy wants!

Sugar Daddies are refined men who know taste, elegance and the good life. That’s why they want their Sugar Babies to know how to take care of her image and look sexy but not vulgar! It may seem like nonsense? This is not affection and below we will explain exactly how to do it!

Sexy but vulger a fine lilne Difference between sexy and vulgar

The term vulgar can be used in many different contexts with more or less similar meanings. Here, we understand it as a lack of good taste in dressing and a lack of manners in behaving. An example in a different format, it indicates an association of colors and pieces that are not very harmonious or not suitable for the context. In the case of a person, it can show an exaggeration in showing off his or her body or a way of associating clothes and accessories in an unharmonious way. The term sexy, on the other hand, is associated with being attractive. This is achieved through the conscious choice of clothes and in being able to show just enough to intrigue but still leaving room for imagination.

Take some notes, sexy but not vulgar How to be sexy but not vulgar: practical advice

Wear glasses

For a long time, glasses were associated with an unattractive style, but things have now changed. They actually give an air of intelligence, and at the same time create a bit of mystery by partially hiding your eyes. However, be aware of which model suits your face shape well, to avoid making mistakes.

Sexy but not vulgar hairstyle

Most Sugar Daddy’s find girls with long hair very sexy. However, that doesn’t mean you have to keep it down all the time, quite the contrary! Have fun changing your hairstyle often, especially opting for those that leave your neck exposed, a very attractive point. Either way, make sure your hair is always in a nice unique style.

The balance in makeup Sexy but not vulgar makeup

Remember that makeup is meant to highlight your best points, and not to change your features. That’s why Sugar Daddies prefer Sugar Babies with more understated, occasion-appropriate makeup. Often, however, mistakes in makeup are not only about the amount of product used, but also about the choice of colors. Check whether you have warm or cool undertones to see which colors are right for you. Look at the color of your veins on your wrist. If they are blue or purple, you have a cool undertone, while if they are green, you have a warm undertone. This will help you figure out, for example, if it’s better to wear a poppy red lipstick, therefore more orangey, or a cherry red. If you choose the right color, rest assured that you will look sexy but not vulgar!

the low cut dress Low-cut dress

Dresses with cleavage, if worn at night in a proper venue, are something breathtaking! Even better if the deep neckline is on the back, leaving the front of the dress very sober. On the other hand, if you want to wear a very low-cut t-shirt or top, make sure that the legs are well covered. It is smart to avoid a top with wide neckline and miniskirt, because you would leave little room for imagination and would look too vulgar. The secret to be sexy but not vulgar is, in fact, to discover only one part of the body at a time: discover the shoulders or discover the legs.

  Leggings: how to wear them in a sexy but not vulgar way

Leggings are a wonderful invention: they are super comfortable and, at the same time, able to highlight women’s curves. If worn on a more casual occasion and matched in the right way, they are an extremely sexy garment! However, appearing vulgar with leggings is very easy. Here, the mistake lies in associating them with too short of shirts, as if they were pants. But leggings are not pants, and it is therefore necessary to combine them with sweaters that cover the butt, or long cardigans.

Tights or hold-ups

Tights are also one of the ultimate sexy accessories! To avoid wearing them in a vulgar way, avoid colors too extravagant or with embroidery and patterns too big. You can go wrong even with skin-colored tights, if you do not find a color very similar to your complexion. Therefore, to be sexy and not vulgar, opt for sheer black tights, maximum 50 denier, always worn with a darker shoe.

Heals with a dress, sexy but not vulgar Heels

How beautiful are heels? They lengthen the leg and accentuate the curves, becoming the best friends, but also the best enemies of women. This is because the wrong choice of shoe and an incorrect walk, in addition to making your feet sore, could make you look vulgar and even ridiculous. So avoid shoes with high heels and very high platforms. Practice at home how to walk gracefully, making small low and putting one foot in front of the other, as if you were walking on an imaginary rope.

Sexy but not vulgar, bridesmaid Hands and feet groomed

Sugar daddies don’t miss the little details, and something like scratched nail polish can make them think you’re an unkempt person. Hands are one of the body parts that remain most visible, which is why you need to take care of them so you don’t appear vulgar.

Matching colors

A combination of very different colors breaks the harmony of the image, weighing it down and making it vulgar. If you want to play with colors, make sure to always associate colors of the same temperature. So never mix warm colors with cold colors. For an even more elegant touch, play on tone on tone, that is, wear garments with many shades of the same color.

Finding the right size The right size

A t-shirt that is one or two sizes less could be great to accentuate your shape, but it would be too vulgar. On the contrary, a T-shirt one or two sizes larger may not enhance your figure. Therefore, always wear clothes in your size, even if this would mean spending hours in the fitting room, because it takes very little to make the same dress sexy or vulgar by changing only the size.

Iron to be sexy but not vulgar

What would you think if your Sugar Daddy showed up to his date with an unironed shirt? That he’s an unkept person. The same principle applies to Sugar Babies. There are certain fabrics that should not be worn unless ironed, because the crumpled effect gives a sense of neglect and that’s what Sugar Daddies absolutely do not want from their Sugar Babies.