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Snow day with your sugar daddy

Snowed in cabin Snow day in the sugar bowl

A snow day are the best no matter age. You get to curl up under the covers with a warm drink, personal favorite is coffee with a some Baileys, and watch TV or play a game. Snow days is the unexpected vacations of the winter, you are stuck inside with the people you are with just the creature comforts of home. The question is now, what do you do when stuck with you sugar daddy? There are multiple things to do during this time (hopefully with electricity). The list is endless since everyone has their own rituals on snow days. These are the perfect days to see the side of people that many do not know. Here is a list of some rituals that people have that allows people to connect, more so, with their sugar partner.

The snow day walk #1 A walk during a snow day

This is a little obvious, but walking when it’s snowy can be the most romantic. Not a lot of people like to walk during heavy snow. But this make the best time to take a walk, assuming you have the proper snow gear. The streets are empty and everything has a crystal white blanket on it, it is significantly quieter and peaceful due to the fact that there is no one outside and snow acts as an insulator. To add a little more fun go get dinner. Assuming a restaurant is open for take away, there is usually always a family shop open. This gives a mission to the walk, and a reward when returning home. People connect through shared experiences the crazier the experience the better connection that is formed.

Snow day horror movie #2 Movie day

Movies got us through the lockdowns. Movies are a perfect way to connect especially horror or mind bending movies. Horror movies always makes people want to cuddle as being scared forces a person to be edge and want to be protected. A good snow day horror movie is the thing (2011). It is about a team that is stuck the artic with a monster. This movies fits well with being snowed in. Mind bending movies/TV shows are perfect because it starts a discussion about what is happening, or if ends on a cliffhanger what a person perceives the final scene means. There are many classics to watch here. Some being inceptions, the final scene always puzzles people there is still a heated discussion about what it means. Another example is Westworld, west world is a mind bend from the start that makes people really think about what will happen next. If you’ve seen the movie (1973) then its obvious what happens but the journey is way better than the destination.

#3 Video Games

Video games are very fun are allow people to interact with a story and see the many potential endings a story. If video games is not really your cup of tea, you can pair it with a drinking game. A popular college past time in the states is Beerio Kart. It is a classic in many American universities. All you need is Mario Kart and a drink. The game is simple open the beer and play Mario Kart, the only rule is no drinking and driving. It can be a little hard at the beginning learning the controls but once you get the swing of things it will be quiet fun.

the snow blanket  #4 Watching the blanket come down

Snow is memorizing, watching come down and build up on cars and everything. Sitting and watching the snow from the comfort of a home is a like a scene from any romance movie. Have some snack, a warm cup of what you choose and cuddle up to watch the blanket fall. The conversation can go anywhere and usually brings up stories from the past about snow days.

#5 Cuddling next the fire place

A warm fire is the best thing to come to during the snow. The smell of the wood burning, the heat radiating from the fire place, being memorized from the dancing flames. It can be romantic and is the perfect setting for any conversation. This can be paired with many other activities stated above and is the best place to eat and warm up after a walk to get take out.

Snow day baking  #6 Baking

When stuck inside, watching TV can be mind-numbing. Finding something can be a hard when you have so many options and nothing to do. An activity that will allow people to work together to create something is the best time killer and can build the connection between the people. There are multiple things bake but the easiest ones to bake is cookies or pancakes. This is perfect, as it is a warm treat that doesn’t take a long time to make. This will always bring back memories, making a great way to hear about the life of your partner.

The snowy city vibes Snow day experience

As stated above snow days are the best for connecting with people, you are stuck inside with someone and don’t really want to leave for extended periods of time. These were only a few of the rituals that many people have, me included. Do keep in mind that many people have their specific rituals so respecting them is important. This can a very personal time for many people so listening and sharing is the way to go. Being stuck, for lack of a better word, with someone one must understand to give them some personal space. Everybody needs time to chill and have alone time. There is nothing wrong to say you need an hour to focus on yourself.