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Sugar baby allowance: what to expect

spending her sugar baby allowance  Sugar baby allowance: what to expect

Bringing up sugar baby allowance can be awkward if you are new to the sugar dating. This is a necessary topic to bring up before going on a date though. For a sugar baby, pay is part the relationships so knowing what to organize is very important. I will explain how much a sugar baby generally gets paid and the benefits for each type of payment.

the sugar baby allowance conversation First, how much is a sugar baby allowance

There are 2 common types of payment: pay per meet and allowance. There are benefits to both so knowing what you want from the relationship and how long it will last is essential for knowing what types of payment you want. The price is very dependent on were you are. The bigger the city the better the pay. Here is what we found out the going rate for sugar babies are depending on the city and type of payment.

Pay per meet

In smaller cities

Monthly Allowance

For smaller cities

females wanting to spend her sugar baby allowance  Second, The benefits for each type

Each type has it benefits and each generally tied to the type of relationship that you are in.

Benefits of Pay per Meet

These benefits are better if you want a short term relationship and don’t want to much work when it comes to cutting ties.

Benefits of Allowance

Allowances are usually more for the relationships that are a more serious. Just because you get an allowance doesn’t mean there will not be gifts along with it. Gifts and surprises is standard for sugar dating but the point of gift is to be surprised when gifted.