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Sugar baby styles, what is it exactly

sugar baby styles, a detailed description  Sugar baby styles, what is it exactly

Finding a singular style that represents a sugar baby is literally impossible. There is not a one fits all style for sugar babies because there are multiple types of sugar babies. I went over the different types of sugar babies in a previous blog. Since the types of sugar babies are now defined we go over the types of sugar baby styles that is generally associated with them.

the mentee, sugar baby styles  The mentee, the professional sugar baby style

The mentee style is one of professionalism. This sugar baby styles portrays themselves to rest of the world that they are focused on a prize and nothing will get in their way. To show this, they wear the clothes suits to work from the popular brands like Donna Vinci or Ann Taylor. They are decisive and people listen when they speak because only information worth listening too comes from them.

The sponsored, sugar baby styles  The sponsored, the classy of the styles

This style is one of excellence and class. She wears clothes that make them stand out and be seen. There is no specific style of clothes that define these women as their taste are very individual based. She is focused on their goals and respect others no matter where they are in their life. This is a woman that has been through a lot and had someone believe in them when they were down on their luck. So they are willing to help others they are in need.

The elgant girlfriend, sugar baby styles  The girlfriend, the beauty of the styles

The girlfriend is a woman that is pampered and treated like a woman should be. Similar to the sponsored woman, when they walk in the room it falls silent and everyone is astonished by her beauty on style. Everyone becomes jealous of her from just looking at her. Also similar to the sponsored their style is very individual and shows off the features that she wants. There is no brands or one style that fits this woman.

The therapist, sugar baby styles  The friend, the therapist of the styles

Her style is the more casual compared to the rest. She is completely comfortable in her body no matter what she wears. She is not on this world to impress anyone, she listens and offer advice when needed. She the person that someone will want to share things that people usually bottle up. This is not saying she doesn’t care about her appearance but has aura that attaches people to share. She is essentially a therapist for those that have trouble opening up to people. She will suggest ways to deal with the stress like taking a vacations or to calm down before making decisions.