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Sugar daddy dating cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet Intro

Here is a sugar daddy dating cheat sheet to make sure sugar daddies know how to maximize their success. There are many questions to ask yourself before building a profile, from profile name to what role you want to play in the sugar babies’ life. At the end of the day this is a relationship and you both will be able to influence each other. In this post I will go through the types of sugar daddy dating, profile building, how to start dating, protecting yourself and typical starter dates.

Sauve Sugar daddy dating

Types of sugar daddy dating

There are 4 main types of sugar daddy dating. These are the interests that some sugar daddies wants to pursue. Due keep in mind these are just basic types that we have seen and by no means are limitations. The 1st type is the lover, the lover is an “in the moment person”. He is looking for a noncommitted relationship and is fascinated with women. He is flexible and ready to adapt to any person needs. The lover is passionate and a hopeless romantic. The 2nd type is the mentor, they want to pass on their information they learned in life that can’t be found in a classroom. The mentor wants an apprentice that is dedicated and takes to heart his lessons. This can be a major stoke of luck for a sugar baby that has an idea but just needs the knowledge. The mentor gives the knowledge and weight behind her name to accomplish goals that many have told her are too ambitious. The 3rd type is the sponsor, the sponsor offers many sugar babies the opportunity to overcome any obstacle they chose. This type of sugar daddy dating allows the sugar daddy to have a positive impact on a sugar babies life and tend to turn their life around. They often offer the emotional and financial support to achieve their dreams. The 4th type is the friend, a friendship is important every aspect of life. A real friend is hard to find because it takes maturity and wisdom to offer useful advice and to be there when in need. Something very uncommon in boys but what men more specifically sugar daddies have tons of. The friend often goes on vacations and spa days to bond and enjoy their time together.

Fashionable sugar daddy dating

Building a profile

A profile is the first thing that the sugar babies will see so it is important to make it perfect. First the profile name, the name should not be anything to aggressive or related to your name. So no references to drugs, innuendos or names. The idea is to not scare off any potential sugar babies without giving away your name. Second the pictures, effort is everything. There should be a portrait and full body shot. The portrait would look best if taken by someone else and not with a mirror or the front facing camera on your phone. Whatever your style is, own it! Be it a silver fox or the man made of plans. When it comes to the full body shot make sure that you are not with friends and it depicts you in the image you want to represent. This is where the types of sugar daddy dating come into play. Action shots are a good idea, they bring personality to your profile so potential sugar babies would get know more about you from a glance. Do not photoshop, this is misleading and could have very awkward consequences. Description, the description should honest, this allows sugar babies with similar interests to find you. The description is key to finding the perfect partner.

How to start sugar daddy dating.

The initial contact varies depending on your intentions, each has a slightly different approach. For instance, the friend would be casual and more focused on listening and building a substantial connection with the sugar baby. The lover would want to be romantic but not crossing the line. The sponsor would focus on the goals and aspirations of the sugar baby and how he could have a meaningful impact on her life. The mentor would see if the sugar baby would want to learn and see how his knowledge could further her in a career. These are the approaches that would generally start with these types but the sugar daddy himself would have to put an individual twist on it. As the relationship blossoms it is important to set clear guidelines and intentions on how it will continue. This is important so each party won’t have any surprises that could lead to bad blood. After that, the relationship will go where it goes.

How to protect yourself

Safety is a factor to always keep in mind when you are sugar daddy dating. The number 1 thing to always keep in mind is to not share information outside of the site. The site has multiple measures to stop members from being exploited. These features notify when phone numbers are being exchanged to make sure all communication can remain on an encrypted server. So personal information will not be used against any member. A personal safety tip is to never exchange bank information. Trading bank information is sensitive and being scammed sours the whole experience of a sugar daddy. Finally, to keep the community safe and secure it is important to report any suspicious activity or harassment. This allows us to keep the community secure and healthy.

the mentor sugar daddy dating

Sugar daddy dating

Like the initial contact, the appropriate date for the role you want to take on is important. The first date sets the tone for the relationship. To start, for the lover, a romantic evening of fine dining and cute gifts could set the vibe for  future interactions. The sponsor might want to bring a sugar baby to a fun day out with a shopping spree, so she has the clothes and things she needs to be successful with the goals. As we all know, to be successful you must look the part. The mentor will probably take his sugar baby to business events and work trips so she can network and see the dedication ones need to put in to be successful in their line of business. Finally, the friend could take her on a much needed vacation or a spa day to relieve stress and bond on a more personal level. These are just a few ideas where to start when sugar daddy dating.


To ensure that the best success, following this cheat sheet will help you create the persona that clearly fits your needs and to protect you. The most important question to ask yourself is, what is my purpose as a sugar daddy? We complied this cheat sheet from many hours of research to ensure that you have the best success, so get out there and start sugaring!