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Sugar daddy formula, goals to keep in mind.


Everyone is unique, this is what makes life so interesting. But patterns do exist, and we can create formulas to maximize these patterns. I have done about a month of research to find the formula to increase the chances to find and keep a sugar daddy. Again, this sugar daddy formula is meant to work the vast majority of time. My research is mainly based on talking with sugar daddies, psychologists, sugar babies, and a podcast hosted by Taylor B Jones called the sugar daddy formula. The topics to discuss is how to find a sugar daddy, polyamorous or monogamous relationship and how to use the money earned when sugar dating.

Taking notes on the sugar daddy formula  How to find a sugar daddy, in the sugar daddy formula

Finding a sugar daddy is the first step to the sugar daddy formula. Obviously the first task is to build a profile. There are multiple sites to do this on. Finding the one that suits you best is key. Each have their own niches.

The Profile, how to the sugar daddy formula

We have gone over this before, but I aim to flesh this out more and give more context. Please note, If I do not answer a question you may have, you can contact me at I will be more than happy to answer any question you may have. Each aspect of the profile is important, some may be more than others but still important. The aspects that are required for maximum exposure is the Avatar, Pictures, Flirt text (BIO) and your profession.

The Avatar

This is by far the most important, it is what will capture the attention of potential sugar daddies. The perfect avatar should be an unedited beauty shot. A beauty shot is essentially a photo of your face, usually in a pose. To get bonus points on the photo, have it professionally done or have a friend that knows what they are doing. With smart phone cameras becoming even better, this can be easily done in matter of minutes.

The Pictures

sugar daddy formula, the beauty shot

An example of a quailty beauty shot

Filling out the pictures on your profile is next in line. These photos should be a combination of beauty shots and profile shots. A profile shot is a photo that shows off your full figure. These shots should vary giving a better idea of who you are. To add more personality, the profile shots could be you doing your favorite activities. For example, it could be a photo of you sunbathing, skiing, taking a walk in a forest. Essentially you should put personality in the photos, so the saying goes a photo is worth a thousand words. Making the photos as important as the other parts of the profile. Do not forget to put VIP exclusive photos too, as VIP members are the one that will treat you the best since they are invested in finding the perfect sugar baby. Which is YOU!

an example of a profile shot

An example of a quailty profile shot

Flirt Text (BIO)

The Flirt text is important as it is way to state what you are looking for. There are many reasons why people are looking for sugar daddies, which I have outline in a pervious post here. What you should never add in the flirt text is what you can find already on the profile. This is just wasting your time and the potential sugar daddy. The flirt text is meant to tell your story in less than 200 words. I know this is difficult, believe me. But it is necessary because the attention of span of people on the internet is very short. Would you read a 1000-word essay when you are just trying to find a date, I wouldn’t. When writing it just best to keep in mind, short and sweet with a little bit of mystery sprinkled in.

Your profession

Not everyone is working, especially during these times (Covid 19). But putting something down is important, even if it means exaggerating. Let’s be honest, we all do it. After talking with my friends in the field of psychology, people are more attracted to those that can help themselves. For example, if my car breaks down on the highway or at an intersection. I will go out and push my car, I am not a strong enough to push a car myself. But when people see that I am trying to fix a problem by myself and obviously need help, people will stop and try to help. If I just sit in my car and wait for someone to help, no one will stop to help. This shows that you need give the impression that sugar dating more of a side project for you opposed to the main source of income.

Polyamorous or Monogamous

A big question that was always asked is whether it is common to have multiple sugar daddies. This is where a variation in the sugar daddy formula comes into play. In the beginning of the relationship many sugar daddies are ok if you have multiple sugar daddies. Having multiple sugar relationships going on is a good idea if you want to maximize your opportunities. This will not only increase you funding but also give you more experience on how to handle this type of relationship.

Some sugar daddies may not want to be greedy and keep you to themselves. You will then have to choose. Generally, if you are in a monogamous relationship the sugar daddy will treat like the queen you are. Meaning, you will get more gifts, your monthly payment will be higher than normal and finally the relationship is built to last longer. You then have to decide whether this is worth it to you. Yes, you will probably have less income but you will have more time to focus on yourself and find out what you really want to do in the long term. While still living a life of luxury.

How to invest your hard-earned cash, the future plan in the sugar daddy formula

Once you find a sugar daddy and start getting your allowance, it is important to plan for your future. Being able to sugar date will not last forever, it is just a reality. (unless you find the one, of course) Investing is the best option, but what can you invest in? This is an interesting topic as it is entirely dependent on what your interests are. Stocks may be the first thing that comes to mind, but this is pretty time consuming and risky. Look at GameStop fiasco that happened. Investing can mean more than this. It can be a business or going to a school to gain skills. These are just a few options to consider. I wish I can be more specific but the opportunities are endless.

A small business owner, sugar daddy formula  A business

You can invest in your in future by going to school or starting a business. COVID 19 can be a blessing in disguise. Due to COVID 19, many businesses have been slowed down to a crawl or stopped entirely. This means you have an opening to strike into a market and make your footprint. Find your passion and start planning how you can enter a market. Use your sugar daddy as a mentor, if you go to your sugar daddy with a solid plan on how you want to build your brand, he will at least give you advice if not funding. This will also make you more attractive as it proves to him that you are more than just a pretty face.

going to fashion school, sugar daddy formula  Gaining a skill

Learning a new skill is always great, you can never have enough skills. The money earned, you head to beauty school and become a professional make up artist. Again, this is just one example of how you can plan for your future. With this safety net, you can even try things that interest. You don’t have to commit completely. Take a couple of classes and see what happens. If it does not work out, no worries. There is no long term effects and you will not have the regret of no trying it over your head.


If you ever need help with the sugar daddy formula

As you have seen, this sugar daddy formula is meant for the long haul. It about optimizing your profile to find the sugar daddy that fits you. How to plan your future with the funds you have earned. Finally if you should enter a polyamorous or monogamous relationships. As stated above, if you ever have any questions please contact me at I know this is a support email, but I run this email by myself and will always find the time needed to answer anything for you. I can direct you to where I found my research so you can go more in depth about some the things we went over.