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Sugar daddy scammer, how to avoid them

the alerts you needed know the sugar daddy scammer How to avoid sugar daddy scammer

Scammers are everywhere in this world and their bag of tricks can seem never ending. With the increase in the community of sugar dating during covid has made the sugar daddy scammer try to target sugar babes. So to be safe when trying to find your sugar daddy is key. Here are 2 sure fire ways to avoid being to scammed on sugar dating sites.

pissed off by sugar daddy scammer First way to avoid sugar daddy scammers

The profile is always important to read before responding to messages. The key things to look at is the language used and pictures.

Language used

Everyone speaks differently, this is the beauty of the different cultures in this world. You will be able to see is this person is a native English speaker and might be able to pin point where they are from. Generally, if a person does not write in somewhat good English, it is a red flag. It is still ok to message back but you must be on guard, more so.


Looking at the pictures is the next step in deciding if they are fake. If they have a bunch of professional looking photos without any VIP photos then this should be another red flag. It is not uncommon to have professional photos on their profile or to have covered there face. Many sugar daddies do want to protect their identity for professional or personal reasons. But the way the photos look with the background and the resolution can be an indicator that they took a photo from the internet and modify it to the point where it our support team will not be able to draw the connection to the photo they stole from the internet.

screaming to release the anger from sugar daddy scammers The second way to avoid sugar daddy scammer

When contacting a sugar daddy that has some red flags you need to understand that they want the fastest way to get your account information. Never ever, give this information out. Even if you meet them in person and have built trust with them. If they seem sketchy when messaging in the chat, either end the chat there or insist on a video call. If they back out because of their service or their camera is broken, it is 100% a scammer and reporting them will ensure they will be removed from the site entirely.

Know the scams

The list of scams are always growing but knowing how they are doing it, is important. Here is a link to a list of scams that they may use.