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Sugar Daddy, What are they and Who are they?

What is a Sugar Daddy?

Popular Definition: A sugar daddy is a wealthy and successful man who is usually over the age of 40. He lavishes attention and gifts on a younger woman in a mutually beneficial arrangement, in exchange for companionship or intimacy.

My Definition: A sugar daddy is a wordly, experienced man of any age. His goal is to be the proper Gentleman and of course needs a proper lady by his side. As a gentleman the sugar daddy lavishes his lady (Sugar Baby) with gifts so she  standouts in a high class setting. i.e. award cermonys, 5 star restaurants. They are boyfriends on a schedule and they can only meet when they can. But they bring excitement and expertises to every interaction, be it a classy dinner date, or an exclusive event. The Sugar Daddy is a mentor and wants to pass his knowledge to an apprentice thats more than willing to learn. A mentor takes care of his apprentice and sets her up for success in everyway because her name will now have the weight of his own. To quote Mr. Miyagi “Ambition without Knowledge is like a boat on dry land.”

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Who is it?

Sugar Daddies are dedicated, worldly men. They spent their lives climbing mountains to become the best but what good is being at the top of the mountain by yourself. Their jobs range from High Corprate office to self made business owners. They have weathered many storms of business and have knowledge that cant be found in colleges. There is no set age of a sugar daddy but they tend to be middle age. They have wealth and want to enjoy and  experience it with someone. They are humble with an ego, meaning that they are self confinedent but are classy enough to respect and listen to anyone. Finally they are men of the people. Respect is everything, to be widely respected is one of the hardest things to achieve but sugar daddies are able to not only achieve but maintain respect. Tis the way of life and business as sugar daddies know. They have the respect of their peers and underlings making them the ideal image of a Proper Gentleman.