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sugar dating profile, are mirror selfies the way?

women are empowered by sugar dating  Are mirror selfies a good idea for your profile when sugar dating?

The profile when sugar dating, like all dating profiles, are everything. It gives a brief explanation of who you are and what you are looking for. The more effort you put in the better results. First impression matter in this world, so your profile should be similar to putting on nice cloths and makeup before meeting new people. The question we have seen the most is, are mirror selfies a good idea and of so what is the best mirror selfie one can have?

Not all mirror selfies are equal in sugar dating

A mirror selfie in total is not bad to have on your profile. It just depends on how it you portray yourself in it.

major mistakes on selfies when sugar dating  The major mistakes when taking mirror selfies when sugar dating

#1 Background

The background may not the first thing that people think about when taking a selfie but you stare a photo for longer than 30 seconds you start to look around the photo. The last thing a person want is having distracting/unsavoury things in the background. For example, distracting things can be kids, random people and piles of cloths. For unsavoury things, unflushed toilets and sex toys all of these are very distracting and decide if a sugar daddy will want to unlock you or not.

#2 Dirty/Cluttered Mirror

A dirty mirror my not be a problem for some but it usually results in blurriness or smudgy. A clutter mirror is also very distracting and you can accidentally give out personal information.

#3 The wrong clothes

Wearing the right cloths for the right environment, may seem obvious but it is important. There is nothing wrong with trying on new cloths and taking a selfie with it but when you are in your bedroom and you take a selfie with a bikini on it will be a little weird. Some sugar daddies that we talked to even said it gives the profile a desperate look.

the perfect selfie when sugar dating  The perfect selfie when sugar dating

As a person that is a visual learner, pictures influence my decision making skills significantly. So having the best pictures on your sugar dating profile is essential to increasing the views on your profile.