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The best vacations from a sugar daddy

The best vacations are the ones that are shared. Being on a beautiful beach alone can be fun but eventually the experience will wear off as there is no one to share it with. Some sugar daddies have been known for entering the sugar bowl to find a travel companion. They tend to be considered friends instead of a sugar daddy in this aspect. They do not want a someone to spoil but to share experiences as they travel the world. Travels are not always the beaches but can be in cities like Paris or mountains like the Rockies.

the best winter vacations The friend

There are many types of sugar daddies but one common one is the friend or the traveler. They often want someone to accompany them on trips, be it business or pleasure. They want to share experiences and see the world with someone else. There are many places they go; these are just a few examples from our members that were willing to share. We changed the names to maintain privacy.

best vacations clark kent Who is the friend

Clark Kent (43) is a business executive that travels a lot for work, he was born the states but now works overseas in Italy. Having to move his life to Italy he did want any American would do and travel all over Europe. He said “At first it was fun, traveling alone to these amazing places seeing many things I only dreamed about. After a year it was boring and lonely… I started looking for traveling partners that were flexible.” Clark started using MySugardaddy to find a travel partners because of the flexibility of sugar babies. “I know it would be weird to just hop on a plane with a stranger so I always video chat and meet my potential travel companion a couple time before we leave. The last thing I want to do is make someone feel unsafe” Clark stated.

Aurora Borealis Best vacations The best vacations

Clark has already visited northern Europe and was starting to plan his southern trips before COVID 19 came about. “It was pretty depressing when COVID 19 came because I had many business trips schedule for the many islands in the Mediterranean and Greece.” When asked what his favorite trip was, he stated “probably Finland” (Kakslauttanen) “It was beautiful, we stayed in a glass igloo and watched the aurora, I guess for a lack of a better word, danced. It was magical, we both had our own igloo, but we got a bottle of Finnish vodka and chilled till I got sleepy and stumbled back my igloo.”

Why have the best vacations with a sugar baby

Clark Kent is a perfect example of a sugar daddy that is more a friend. He is always looking to meet new people but due to his busy schedule he needs flexible friends. The sugar bowl gives him the platform to find the friends his he wants for his travels. “I’m not a person that is looking for a relationship just someone to join me on my travels and help come up with fun things to do. I want someone that can take me out of my comfort zone and gives a different perspective on things.” Clarks usually pays 70%-80% of the total cost of the trip. “When I invite someone on a trip, they are my guest, and I treat them as such.”