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The first video call with your potential SD or SB

Man first video call

The first video call can daunting, it is the next step from chatting. When having a call it is important to have the video call etiquette nailed down. Most of the etiquette is pretty self-explanatory but it is still good to go over and practice. The 3 key things to practice are positioning yourself properly, dressing appropriately (from the waist up) and to not rely on body language.

Positioning yourself properly

When positioning yourself there are many factors to consider. The first being lighting. A well lit area is important for obvious reasons. While an under lit area can make things very annoy and strains the eyes from see a persons full beauty. The second is making sure the camera and audio is working beforehand. Making adjustment at the beginning of the meeting will be a bad start to any conversation. The last thing to keep in mind is to have a quiet place. Background noise is very distracting and can be very distracting. So letting people around you know that you will be on a video call will not only avoid background noises but also limit distractions.

Lady first call on couch Dressing appropriately

Looking your best, from the waist up, will give the first impression of yourself. The first video call is to decide if the relationship will grow and first impressions count. Since it is a video call only the top half really matters if you are having a lazy day. No need to do more work than required to be honest. Dressing appropriately is also in reference to make up for the ladies. Again this is the first impression that a potential sugar daddy will have other than pictures so being the best you can is important.

Body language in a video call

Body language is instinctive for us as humans, especially when meeting someone who is not an native English speaker. But on a video call this shouldn’t be a crutch that we all come accustom to. Using the right words is the way to go, even if it means breaking down some of the words we use. The reason being, our body language is not as visible as it is when meeting in person. So adapting to the technology is what we have to do.