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The mentor network in the sugar bowl

The Mentor network coffee shop

In the sugar bowl there are multiple types of sugar daddies. The mentor being one of them, they focus on the professional needs of their sugar baby. The mentor is the person the sugar baby can work closely with to gain insight in an industry, supply skills and tools needed to succeed, help build a reputation that will last and offer network opportunities that a mentor can only offer.

Gaining insight

Mentoring has been around since ancient greeks, it is like a tutor but with way more inside information and personal experience to pass on. A mentor maintains the level of quality in an industry by passing on insight that cannot be learned from a book. They prepare their mentee by showing the mistakes they made while still allowing them to make mistakes for themselves.

The mentor network, down to business Skills and tools

Everyone has a different way of doing things and some are better than others. A mentor supplies their personal skills to the mentee that cannot be taught, only showed. These skills can be small life hacks to how close a deal. This in many ways are the best way to keep an industry prosperous the always reaching new levels. A sugar daddy mentor is different than a regular mentor they not only offer the skills, but they also give the tools needed for the job. These tools are often a new laptop or up to date software.

The Mentor Network

Lastly, a mentor sets up his mentee with the ability to network. Networking is key a lot of professions and allowing the sugar baby to meet and greet with industry leaders will launch them past success. But a sugar daddy mentor not only gives her the opportunity to network but make sure she looks the best during these events. A new event requires a new dress, right?


In this world there are mentors and there are sugar daddy mentors, both have the skills that they are wiling to invest but only a sugar daddy mentor is willing to invest more. They treat their mentee as their heir to the industry. Not only preparing but setting them up for success with the tools needed to do a job well done.