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Types of sugar babies in the sugar bowl

 Types of sugar babies in the sugar bowl

There are many types of sugar babies but here are the top 4. The reason why there are so many is that sugar babies enter the sugar bowl for a multitude of personal reasons. There are 4 main types of sugar babies, each with their own goals. The types are the mentee, the sponsored, relationship based and the friend. Each one has their own reasons for joining the sugar bowl

Types of sugar babies, The mentee – professionally exclusive

The mentee is a sugar baby that wants professional guidance. They want a mentor that will give them the experience and advice needed to wither launch their own business or to excel in there in chosen field. This is not the most popular type of sugar baby, but there is enough for them to enter the list.

the sponsored, types of sugar babies  The Sponsored, the giver

The sponsored is a sugar baby that wants financial and emotional help. The sponsored is mainly focused on financial help but when being financed some advice always come with it. This is slightly more popular than the mentee but still not the dominate type of sugar baby. You may ask why would a sugar daddy just sponsor a sugar baby for not benefit towards them. The reason is they benefit by being able to directly have an effect on a person life in need. A current example would be with the current pandemic many people are out of work. Since sugar daddies are inherently generous, they want to help those that were greatly affect in by this. You would think giving to charity would be better but you can not see the direct impact that an investment has. Where giving to an individual person you can get updates and understand the personal reason why they got into that position.

types of sugar babies, the relationship Relationship based, love is in the air

These sugar babies want a relationship, it is that simple. Although sugar dating has many faces, at its core it is a dating website like the rest. Many women do want a man that listens, cares, makes them the centre of their world when together. These characteristics are generally found in older man because of their experience and understanding that women deserve to be treated properly. This is tied for the most popular types of sugar babies.

The friend, the many types of sugar babies  The friend, the one you can always count on

The friend is literally just a friend, nothing more nothing less. She just wants to spend time with someone that knows their value. They go out to the bars or a meal. They spend time together, help each other out during hard times. The share each other lifestyles and expand each other’s horizons. This is the other type of sugar baby that is the most popular when entering the sugar bowl.

Hybrids, the grey area in sugar dating

As we all know relationships can change overtime. The more time spent with a person the more the connection grows or diminishes. So a lot sugar babies may start by finding a friend and spending time with them then feelings can caught. Make the lines of the relationship start to blur a little. This happens more than you think and in ways you would not imagine. A friend could become a mentee, or a mentee could become sponsored. Relationships are always more complicated when looking outside in but if there is a connection who knows what could happen.