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Wait! Common questions in the sugar bowl

The many common questions in the sugar bowl

We have gotten many questions over the years about the sugar bowl. Because of this we want to answer the common questions in the sugarbowl. It is only logical to understand something before investing time, energy and money into something. Here is a list of common questions and the answers that we received from sugar daddies and sugar babies over the years. We hope this helps potential members to understand what they are getting into. If you don’t see your question here, we encourage to reach out to us at We will be happy to help you to understand anything about the sugar relationships and the sugar bowl.

Is sex a thing in the sugar bowl Is a sugar relationship based around sex?

Depends, a sugar relationship is based around what you want it to be. Sugar relationships is essentially 2 people that speak about what the relationship will be before meeting. In a previous post we go into detail about how and where this conversation commonly takes place. That being said, a relationship can encompass many things. Dating, being a guest at an award ceremony, travel companion and sex.

Why would I want to be a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

There are many reasons to want to be a sugar daddy or sugar baby. We found the main reasons to be companionship, looking to date a proper gentleman, finding a mentor or mentee, having a proper relationship, sharing a lifestyle of your dreams. These are only a few since each person is an individual with their own motives. What is yours, we would interested to hear from you.

Sugar daddy giving holiday gift Does the sugar daddy pay cash or in gifts?

Depends, this is a common theme as you can see. Everything depends on the conversation about the terms of the relationship. From our data we have seen that many sugar daddies and sugar babies prefer cash as payment. The second most popular form of payment is PayPal. It can make things easier either party doesn’t have to walk around with a fat roll on cash in their pocket and is safer. Gifts are never really used as payment, the are what they have always been. A way to show you appreciation for what the person have brought into your life. Gifts can range from tickets to a show all the way to extravagant jewelry.

Common questions in the sugar bowl cash money How much should a sugar daddy pay a sugar baby?

Hate to beat around the bush but again it depends. How much a sugar babies is entirely dependent on how much the sugar daddy values the sugar baby. First, the arrangement can either be pay per meet or a monthly allowance. Most sugar daddies in our community prefer a monthly allowance. The monthly allowance is usually around 1k to 2k a month, gifts not included. This money is to allow the sugar baby to help supplement their income. When it comes to pay per meet, sugar babies generally get $500 per date. When sugar daddies pay per meet it is usually a short term relationship and generally only 2-3 meetings in total.

More to come for common questions in the sugar bowl

These are only a few main questions that we found. We will of course go over more into the future. We only want to separate them into smaller digestible posts so that members don’t have to read a 10 page paper to find the questions they need.