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What is rinsing? Common questions asked

What is rinsing, not cleaning  What is rinsing?

Rinsing has many definitions, there is the traditional meaning of cleaning or ridding impurities from fabric with water. There is also a rinsing relationship or sugar daddy rinsing, this is a relationship based around a dominant individual that takes money from a wealthy individual. This type of relationship plagues many sugar daddy communities. For the vast majority of people, relationships are based on a mutual understanding of each other’s goals, aspirations and personalities. I have seen many questions have been unanswered on forums. Here, I aim to answer in detail these questions. Why do people want to rinse, the difference between gold digging and rinsing, is sugar dating based around rinsing, is it worth it as a sugar daddy, are you a simp if you are in rinsing relationships?

Why do people want to rinse

This may not come as a surprise but many people want to rinse for the money. It is the foundation of a rinsing relationship. This is the price of being a person with power, money, connections. Some people are inherently greedy in this regard.

Gold diggers or rinsers  The difference between gold-digging and rinsing

Many may not be able to see the difference between these. Even urban dictionary states “A posh upper class form of a gold digging. When a man showers a woman with expensive gifts and money for strictly no sexual favors in return.” This is kind of right, but way too broad to really explaining. It is more like a gold digger has to be in rinsing relationship but a rinser is not always a gold digger.

I know this sounds a little complicated but bear with me here. A gold digger is always wants money and enters in a rinsing relationship to get the money, the gold digger does not always show the wealthy partner that she is trying to take their money. So she will beg, borrow and steal to get what she wants. Where a rinser enters a relationship with the wealthy partners knowledge that she wants to rinse. I know we are splitting hairs here, but it is still something to acknowledge.

Is sugar dating based around rinsing

At the start of sugar dating, yes. But like all things in this world, ideas change over time. Since sugar dating been on the internet there has been more companies that have popped up, increasing competition and changing the term sugar dating in there own ways. To quote Bill Gates “Whether its Google or Apple or free software, we’ve got some fantastic competitors to keep us on our toes.” This quote shows that if you do not adapt you will not survive. Making each site forced to focus on different ways to define the term give people the ability to choose what they want. That being said, I found that sugar dating can be boiled down into 3 different types of sugar dating. Rinsing, Sapiosexuality and Lifestyle Sharing

Finding the website that suits your interest in important when you start to sugar dating. Certain sites ban and are openly against some of these types of sugar dating. For instance, MySugardaddy reprimands all profiles that publicly say they are only here for rinsing.

Is it worth it?  Is rinsing worth it for the sugar daddy

This is a question pops up a lot in sugar dating forums, and it entirely depends on the sugar daddy. Each have their own interests and motives. The real questions is to ask yourself what you want from a sugar baby. With the rise of COVID 19, there has been an uptick of sugar daddies wanting to give back to people in need. A lot sugar babies are people that work in very taxing jobs like nursing and teaching. These are the jobs that got hit the hardest during COVID 19 and many sugar daddies want to those are suffering the most from this pandemic. You may think why not just give to charities, many sugar daddies have said it is because they can see how their kindness has changed a life.

Is rinsing similar to charities

Giving to charities removes the human aspect. You are giving to charities that you must first research to make sure that they are

  1. Transparentence
  2. Actually do what they say
  3. Doesn’t have a big corporate

It is just too much work to be honest, where if a sugar daddy finds a sugar baby in need he can directly affect the person for the better.

 Are you a simp if you are in rinsing relationships

This question straight from reddit, so the terms may be a little confusing or derogatory. First we must clarify what a simp is. A simp is a person (usually men) that go above and beyond to take care of a person (usually women) that does not care for them. To put it more bluntly, they are carrying the relationship trying to make it grow while the other doesn’t care at all. This term can be used to explain some of the people that are being rinsed but the vast majority are not simps. As stated above, a lot of people that are in a rinsing relationship usually have pity for the person and does not really want to have a tangible relationship with the person.

If you need help just ask  If you ever need anything

These may not answer every question about rinsing, but we took a good shot at the main ones. If you have any more questions or would like to expand more on certain topic, please let me know. We have email that use to take any questions. is the email, there is no automatic response and it is always a human that responds quickly. This is a personal guarantee I make to you.