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Womanizer, What is he and his intentions

Womanizer – What is he like and what are his intentions?

The intention of a womanizer

The Womanizer – A man who seeks pleasure in women without having to compromise. He is known for being a ladies’ man and knowing exactly how to seduce a woman. Envied by other men, but a danger to some women. If you want to know more about the womanizer, then we encourage you to continue with this article.


Next, we will address this topic to clarify any doubts. For example, what is a philanderer, what are the main characteristics, what are philanderers like and what are their intentions? In addition, we will put a special focus on how to identify these men. By the end, you will be able to recognize them instantly.


Womanizer – Revealing the way he is!

Revealing a womanizer


First of all, what is a womanizer? Usually, he is a man who seeks relationships with different women at the same time. He avoids commitment, but simulates feelings in love. This way he manages to get what he wants, which is obvious. He seeks pleasure, good times and the euphoria behind this lifestyle.

Most of the time, they suffer from a mental condition, also known as “Don Juan complex”. This is an emotional imbalance that results in the pursuit of women. He wants to demonstrate, in this way, his virility and raise his self-esteem.


The main characteristics of a womanizer – that’s how they are!

The aspects of womanizer

If we analyze the behavior, then we can identify three characteristics in his way of acting.

Seduction – He is a master in the art of seduction and knows how to tease a woman’s ear. This is due to the experience he has, which should come as no surprise.


Deception – As in seduction, he is an expert at deception. He does everything he can to get what he wants, with no remorse whatsoever!


Flight – Once he gets what he wants, he disappears! He is, so to speak, a fugitive from love.

Therefore, you have to keep your eyes open to identify them. This is how to avoid bad experiences, but what are the signs to recognize a philanderer?


Signs to identify him – 6 signs to recognize them

How to recognize them


He has the reputation of being a womanizer


This is the most obvious sign! These men are very sociable, so they know a lot of people. In this way, they manage to build a name for themselves, rather a reputation – they are known to be womanizers!


Therefore, if you want to be sure, then seek the opinion of people close to him.




His self-confidence


Womanizers are known for their ego – they are self-centered and they make a point of it! The confidence they project is the result. They don’t hesitate at anything and everything seems to be possible to them.


If you want to know if he is overconfident, test him! Ask him if he can name his faults. For someone with a huge ego, it can prove to be very difficult.


His self confidence is his tool

Compliments are an exaggeration


There’s nothing wrong with giving compliments. In fact, it’s a very nice thing to do and is a way of affirming your feelings for someone. However, they should not be exaggerated.


A womanizer tries to put any woman on a pedestal. Compliments tend to be exaggerated and pompus. For example, “your eyes are not pretty, but a wonder of the world.”


What you should do, in this particular case, is close your eyes and ask him about the color. For sure, you will know what to say, but it will be very awkward for him and it will get noticed.




Use a lot of nicknames


Using nicknames is a very common thing between couples, isn’t it? It is part of a relationship and is essential to show affection. What woman don’t like is to receive a nickname like that? Besides, there are so many variations, for example, “honey” or “my darling”.

If it is a womanizer, in that case, there will be many nicknames. They are known to date a lot of women, naturally, they have to know a lot of names. This can cause a lot of headaches, so they use nicknames to simplify the recognition process.

Look at the number of nicknames he uses!




He hides his cell phone or leaves it blocked.

does womanizer always hid his phone?

Most men are not a big fan of sharing their cell phone. It’s understandable, as privacy is a main concern nowadays. However, why the eagerness to hide it?


For sure, a man who talks to a lot of women is not going to want to share his cell phone. Another characteristic to take into account.

They have been single for a long time


What’s the reason you haven’t been in a relationship? There is nothing wrong with enjoying being single for a while. However, it is suspicious to stay away from any kind of relationship for a long period of time.


The most indisputable reason, he wants to keep his options open or he is afraid of commitment. At the end of the day, it’s exactly the same thing! A womanizer is afraid of commitment, since he doesn’t want to lose his options with other women.

Be curious and find out about his past relationships!


By the way….


Dating a womanizer is not in itself terrible. Besides, all people have the ability to change. In other words, a man is not doomed to be a womanizer for life. Times can change, in fact, you can make him change!

Maybe you’re just what he needed! Who knows? However, it is advisable to take it slow and not rush things.


Best of luck with your future dates!


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